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Eat Like it's Spring!

Creamy Apple Vinaigrette

Creamy apple vinaigrette is a thick and tangy salad dressing that's versatile and vegan.

Years ago my mom and dad lived in a house that had a one-storey family room off to one side, and overlooking the roof of that room was a bedroom window. Very early one spring morning, mom awoke with a start to see a big cat looking in that window at her. (The night before she had heard a cat mewing but had no idea it came from a cat stuck on their roof.)
When she climbed out of bed to look out the window she spied a man and woman walking down the street carrying a big ladder. And then, without so much as a knock on the door, the man placed the ladder against the house and climbed onto the flat roof outside mom and dad’s bedroom window, calling “Polly, here Polly.”

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