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A Cheery Soup for Strange Times

Sunshine Lentil Soup Quick, Easy and Extra Lemony

Sunshine lentil soup is easy, warming & brightly flavoured with lemon. If ever there was a soup to help you through the slushy (or icy, or snowy) month of March, this is it. Easy to make, warming and brightly flavoured, it’s a quick supper for a messy evening when you just want to curl up by the fire and dream about riding your bike in your shorts. I had a March like that when I was little. In grade five I won a new bicycle in a poster contest. It was a five-speed with curled handlebars so looked like a 10-speed – my first grown-up bike. But it was March and slushy so instead of just tucking it away in the garage mom let me keep it in the house for a week or two so I could ride it from one end of the kitchen to the other. It’s the lemon in this soup that will help transport you out of winter. The recipe calls for the juice of an entire lemon and don’t skimp, because that sunny flavour takes this soup beyond winter. The recipe is a slight adaptation of a

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