Many Good Reasons to Use Oxygen Bleach

Many Good Reasons to Use Oxygen Bleach

Brighter brights and whiter whites is everyone’s laundry goal.

Since laundry accounts for a chunk of our household chores of course we want our clothes to come out of the wash looking bright and clean, which is why there is a whole aisle of the grocery store devoted laundry.

Laundry boosters like stain removers and bleach are an everyday part of our laundry arsenal and they’re often among the most toxic chemicals in our homes.

So many reasons to avoid bleach:


Light Textured Buttermilk Bran Muffins with Natural Bran

Light Textured Buttermilk Bran Muffins with Natural Bran

An old fashioned bran muffin with a light texture and sweet molasses flavour.

It wasn’t until I got to university that I understood the jokes about bran muffins being like doorstops. I grew up eating homemade buttermilk bran muffins made with natural bran. They were light textured and sweet. Mom mixed up the batter in huge batches that she stored in the fridge in an old four-litre ice cream bucket. I loved the batter and would sneak it by the spoonful.


Millet and Molasses Buttermilk Biscuits

millet molasses biscuits are mildly sweet with a little crunch from the millet. Perfect with soup on served with butter and jam.

If you want to make soup an extra special suppertime meal for your kids, make a batch of biscuits to go with it.

I often make soup for supper. It's hearty, filling, satisfying and flavourful. Plus you can tuck all sorts of healthy things into your soup, use up bits of this and that in your fridge so it doesn't go to waste and take leftovers for lunch. Soup is the perfect winter meal, especially for a week night.

My kids sometimes find it a little boring in an "Oh no, not soup." sort of way so biscuits are my way to make what they consider a ho-hum meal into something they can get excited about.

I mix up a batch while the soup is simmering so they're hot out of the oven when we sit down to eat.
Millet and Molasses Buttermilk Biscuits


The Environmental Problem With Shrimp

The Environmental Problem With Shrimp
Look for certified sustainable wild or farmed shrimp.

I have known for a long time that shrimp gets a poor environmental rating which presents an eco- conundrum in our household since shrimp is everyone’s favourite seafood.

Shrimp is North America’s favourite seafood. The average American eats about four pounds of shrimp each year and global production of farmed shrimp is more than 200 times what it was 15 years ago.

The environmental problem with shrimp:

About 90 per cent of the shrimp consumed in the U.S. is imported and about half of the shrimp consumed in the world is farmed. Most of those shrimp farms are in Asia and Latin America and the aquaculture industry is a major polluter in those regions. Most of the shrimp farms release antibiotic and fish waste-laden waste water into local water ways, spreading disease and causing general havoc in local ecosystems.


Almond Butter Quinoa Blondies

Gluten free almond butter quinoa blondies are extra moist.

Gluten free almond butter quinoa blondies are an extra moist wholesome treat.

In the house where I grew up there was a balcony off of the second floor bedrooms that was carved out of the sloping roof. After every snowfall the balcony needed to be shoveled off which meant that a great pile of snow accumulated on the lawn below the roof.
It was like a built in sliding hill after a big storm. My brothers would shovel the balcony and then we'd climb over the railing and slide down the roof into the big pile of snow. It was brilliant.


Old Fashioned Lemon Biscuits

Old fashioned lemon biscuits with stone ground flour and homemade citrus sugar.

Lemon biscuits are an old fashioned cookie for nibbling and dunking.

The year I lived in France my mom and dad came to visit for a couple of weeks. We did some travelling together but we also spent time in the town where I lived so I could show them around and introduce them to my friends.

One afternoon we had coffee with the parents of my landlord, Marie-France. Her mom served crumbly biscuits with coffee so there were crumbs scattered on the table. Before we knew it Marie-France's mom had the Dustbuster out and was vacuuming the crumbs around our plates and cups while we ate and drank and chatted. It was hilarious but she was very serious about it so we couldn't laugh. It was like getting the giggles in church.


Citrus Sugar Adds a Delicious Sparkle to Baked Goods

Citrus Sugar Lemon & Lime Zest-Flavoured Finishing Sugar


Add a delicious sparkle to your baking with citrus sugar.

Made with dehydrated lemon and lime zest stirred into granulated sugar, this flavourful citrus sugar couldn't be easier.

It's a lovely sugar to have on hand. Sprinkled over biscuits, cookies and quick breads before baking it brightens the taste of everything it touches with a pure lemon and lime flavour that is irresistible. I have also added it to whipped cream as an aromatic sweetener.
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