Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Roasted Squash Black Bean Quesadillas

Roasted squash and black bean quesadillas | a vegetarian meal with substance.
Roasted winter squash is delicious paired with black beans, spinach and sharp cheese.
A vegetarian quesadilla with substance
As a child I couldn’t stand squash. Mom always served it mashed and just the thought of it made me gag. I missed dessert every time we had squash for supper because I just couldn’t eat it.

What I didn’t know at the time is that my brother Erik, who loved mashed squash, had a way around vegetables that he didn't like. He used to slip his shelled peas into a slender drawer in the dining room table. Mom found them months later, dried and brittle.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

How to Reduce your BPA exposure

It was back in 2009 that the government banned BPA plastic from baby bottles because of health concerns. Also known as bisphenol A, BPA is a synthetic estrogen that can leach into foods and babies are especially susceptible to its hormone-disrupting effects.
However, after that promising beginning, BPA remains part of our diet, in spite of the fact that the negative health effects of BPA are not limited to babies and children. Scientists have linked BPA to breast cancer, reproductive damage, developmental problems, heart disease and other illnesses.
One of the most common sources of BPA in our diets is canned foods.

The Environmental Footprint of Wine

The environmental footprint of wine
Buying boxed wine is one way to reduce the carbon footprint of your wine.

How do you Fit Wine into your Green Living Lifestyle?

For 20 years I have struggled with balancing a love of Old World wine (wine from Europe) with a commitment to a more ecofriendly lifestyle.  In fact, downsizing our house by 1000 square feet back in 2002 was an easy green living change compared to giving up wine from France (something I have deliberately avoided.) Such is my dilemma: rationalizing a love of imported wine with a green living lifestyle.

The Carbon Footprint of Wine

  • The average carbon footprint of wine is about 2.2 kg carbon emissions per bottle (according to Carbonzero, a Canadian carbon footprint assessment firm.)
  • Almost half of the carbon footprint of wine is in the shipping and distribution since most wine is packaged in bottles that are heavy compared to the weight of their contents.

Friday, September 11, 2015

Blueberry Bliss | Old Fashioned Blueberry Coffee Cake Recipe

Blueberry Bliss | Old Fashioned Blueberry Crumb Cake Recipe
Blueberry Bliss is an old fashioned blueberry crumb cake. The cake on its own is almost like a coffee cake but you can dress it up with the brown sugar sauce.
When I was little we had a 22 cubic foot freezer in the basement. It was the size of a small car and by the end of the summer it would be starting to fill up again with summer fruit. There would be bags of rhubarb, strawberries and raspberries but it was blueberries that mom froze in great amounts.

Before you could buy five and 10 pound boxes of blueberries at local markets mom would buy her blueberries for the year from a Mr. Ness in Belleisle Creek. She and dad would load the car with pots, Dutch ovens and roasting pans to be filled with berries and Mr. Ness would fill them from huge crates in the back of his truck.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Pecan Praline No-Churn Ice Cream Recipe

Pecan Praline No-Churn Ice Cream is deliciously simple. No ice cream maker required. Rich & creamy.

Sometime ice cream is an acceptable supper

At least once each summer we’d drive to Montreal to visit my brother Erik. It was a long drive and finding good things to eat along the way was always a challenge.
One year when we stopped in rural Maine to pick up something for supper I walked out of a corner store with nothing but a pint of Haagen-Daz ice cream and two spoons. That was supper, shared by me and mom. Not that I’d advocate ice cream for supper under normal circumstances but if you’re going to make a meal of ice cream it should at least be good quality.

Green Living Tips for Back to School

Healthy ideas for back to school, back to work, and back to routine

Back-to-school is a busy time for everyone. Even of you don’t have children in school the transition from summer to fall routine usually involves shopping and getting organized. To make the transition healthier for you and the environment here are a few things to consider:

Monday, August 10, 2015

The Canning Kitchen Cookbook – Homemade Apple Butter & Book Review

homemade apple butter from The Canning Kitchen cookbook
The canning gene skipped a generation in my family.

I grew up in a family where every summer fruit became jam or jelly and the whiff of vinegar and pickling spices cleaned my sinuses most days when I walked in the kitchen door after school through September and October.
Our cold room shelves sagged under the weight of all those jars by the time Halloween arrived. There’s nothing like a bite of strawberry jam on toast in February to make you appreciate the effort that goes into homemade preserves.
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